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FREE! Poster =)

I was rummaging through my closet and found this buried in there. I got it way back when during a convention as a freebie. XD
Since I have no use for it, I thought might as well give it to someone that'll appreciate it at least... otherwise it's gonna go in the trash XD;;

It's a poster of Rin! by Yukine Honami/Satoru Kannagi~

(I also have another poster for free if you're interested, it's a poster of Ritsu and Tohru from Fruits Basket (poster C in the picture))

You'd just need to pay shipping for it. I could fold it up for you as well (note: they are rolled up and not folded right now so there's no creases in them). Folding it up will of course be cheaper in shipping, but it means creases in the poster. Mailing it as a roll will be a bit more expensive... I just don't know by how much XD;;

Let me know if you're interested and leave me a comment! =D

Happy birthday, Honami Yukine!

Hey everyone from the rin_dom community, and those of the Rin! fandom. Recently, deerlike has stepped down to take care of irlish things, so I've been put in charge of this dying community.

From henceforth, I am recreating this community to be for ALL manga created by Honami Yukine. I really do value your input, so if you like what I'm doing, check out the main page and the userinfo and let me know how I'm doing.

Thanks for your considerations, and best regards for the future!



:0000 I love you Kouichi~

-builds a shrine-

-has nothing else to add at all-


Rin! moodtheme

Hi! And nice to meet you all ^^!
I am a big Rin! fan and I'm glad to find a community about this series even if it doesn't seem very active for the moment.

I have something to share with you: a Rin! moodtheme I made.

For more previews and links, just go here, at angelophanie.

Feel free to check the community, where I posted Rin! icons ;).

Enjoy and have a nice day ^w^.
Hee, hee ::grins::. Go right ahead and build this fandom up, m'dear. I'll be right here if you need any help ^_-.



make sure the cover looks like this., if you're buying from Amazon
'Yukine Honami'

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