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'Yukine Honami'
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a fan community for manga created by 'Yukine Honami'.


Don't be an asshat. If you don't like boy/boy relationships, you're in the wrong place. If you don't like soandso, don't bash people who do, etc etc. Use your damn common sense.

This is a community for Rin!, Desire, and other works of Yukine Honami. Feel free to post any kinds of fanmade or official tidbits here.

Keep in mind that some of the content you might see here are less than friendly for children. Keeping that in mind, all posts that involve something a little more than just kissing should be hidden with a lj-cut.

♥ But mostly, just have fun! ♥

Your cheerfully clueless mod,

About Yukine Honami
Name: 穂波ゆきね
Birthplace: Ichikawa Prefecture, Japan
Birthday: March 17
Zodiac: Pieces
Blood type: A
2-14 Jiken (1998)
Binetsu Kakumei/Sweet Revolution (2000)
Flower Corporation (1997)
Kimi ni wa Katenai!/Can't Win With You (2003)
Koi no Kawaki/Thirsty For Love (2001)
Rin! (2003)
Sono Toki Heart wa Nusumareta/Stolen Heart (2002)
Tenohira no Seiza/Constellations in my Palm (2006)
Venus Kiss!! (1996)
Yabai Kimochi/Desire (2001)
Official Website

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